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    FAQ - Registration
  • How many order method you support?
    Support PayPal, Master Card, VISA, America Express, Discover, Eurocard, Check / Money Order and Purchase Order.

  • Does order online is safe?
    Yes. All your order is from secure server by https. Of course you also can fax your order information to us (801-497-9456).

  • How long should I receive my registration info?
    If have verified your order, we will email to you as soon as possible, If you still not receive your registration info within 24 hours, please email us for help and don't forbid our email.

  • If I lost my registration info, how do I?
    Tell us, we will send it again.

  • Why I can not register successfully?
    Make sure that your version and code is right.

  • How many computers can I use?
    One computer every license.

  • Can I update free?
    One year update free and min version update free.

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