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More the 20 years ago the internet permanently entered our lives. The use of Internet is so wide-spread, that it is very difficult to imagine our every-day life without it. We use social media, order food, send documents and make our payment online. But how reliable, safe and anonymous is the Internet connection? That's why we use VPN.

What is VPM on a mobile phone?

VPN or Virtual Private Network was created to form a logical network with one or more connections. With the proper level of implementation and use of special software, the VPN network can provide a high level of encryption of the transmitted information. With correct setting of all of the components, the VPN technology provides the anonymity online.

Why do we need mobile VPN?

The safest and most demanded way of protecting personal information of a user is using VPN-service. It is known that mobile providers, the government, hackers, advertisers and major technological companies are constantly monitoring our movements online, gather out personal information and pass it to advertising companies. Clear example of this is target advertising. VPN technology allows to create an encrypted virtual tunnel for your traffic. Moreover, this network lets users visit Internet resources, which are blocked in your country. The amount of free or public Wi-Fi hot spots is increasing rapidly. Experts in the data security consider unsecured Wi-Fi connection an easy way to get data from your gadget, including your traffic information (as well as transferred passwords). Virtual private network solves that problem (1569)

VPN. Advantages and disadvantages

Just like any program, VPN has its advantages and disadvantages.

VPN encrypts and safely transfers your traffic on the Internet. The level of security directly depends on the cost of the service. There are free as well as paid applications. It's important to understand, that free apps can be the threat to the user.

There is no need to buy any additional equipment to set up a VPN service. You can simply download software from AppStore, PlayMarket or other stores. You can also turn on the service in the settings of your device, more on this later.

Interface of the programs is easily understood even by new users, in case of difficulties instructions can be found online, or you can contact the manufacturer.

VPN service allows access to territorially blocked content – foe example sites like Netflix and BBC. It is a great way to watch your favorite programs online while being outside of the USA. Moreover, there is a practice of partial or complete replacement of content for users who visited the site from different countries of the world.

Now, let's talk about some disadvantages on the service. There are a lot of types of VPN services and the security protocol for some of them can be difficult to install for an amateur user, and errors in settings can contribute to a security vulnerability.

Unfortunately, VPN-services can sometimes be used for illegal actions, which, in turn, damaged the reputation of the services.

How to set up VPN for various version of Android

It is easy enough to install VPN onto Android operated device. You can install the program from outside or use the built-in Android function.

Android software had built-in support for various VPN types, which can be used to connect to VPN, is you already have login and password. Access keys to a network like this can be found online. Again, the quality is questionable. This can be useful id you want to discreetly connect to VPN and not install any apps.

Using the built-in function on Android

In order to set up built-in VPN, you need to first open the “Settings” of you device. In the “Wireless networks” section an tap on “extra/additional”. Here you can find subsection “VPN” and “+”. After this you need to enter data about available set-up protocols. Enter any name you like into the line “Network name”. In the “type” section choose connect by protocol PPTP. In the “Address” line you need to enter address of the VPN server – this IP address is given by the provider.

After selecting and saving the connection, you need to enter login and password.

Of course the setting of different smartphones can vary, but essential actions are alike.

The set-up procedure is demonstrated in the video below.

Installing and using VPN through outside services.

Finding suitable software is easy enough. The user can find a suitable VPN-service from the extensive list of apps in Google Play. A lot of them are free.

We want to remind you that a completely free VPN-service has no reason to secure you information, and it is likely that they are making money on advertising or selling your information. Paid services are a lot more reliable. You can purchase a subscription for needed period only (from 1 month to 1 year). We recommend choosing a service with a service with a high bandwidth channel and a large number of server locations. Services with a trial period a favorable, this way you can test level of quality and capabilities of the services provided by the service.

Cloud VPN

One of the outside software is Cloud VPN. This is almost 100 servers around the world, which can hide actual IP, and an encrypted VPN-channel can protect personal information from being hacked. This service uses security algorithm used by special forces, military and government structures of different countries. Cloud VPN creates additional encrypted tunnel between its servers. The company owns 95 servers in 4 countries. The service provides easy to sue apps for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and other platforms. This software will cost on average 399 rubles per month. You can subscribe for a month, six months, one year or three years.

Turno VPN

Turbo VPN – free high speed VPN proxy for unlocking websites, securing Wi-Fi hot spots and confidentiality. You don't have to register to use this program.

Interface is minimalistic with interesting graphic: when not used you see a rabbit with a carrot after you push the button the rabbit runs for several seconds while you connect, when you are connected the rabbit lies down. The app is easy and effective.

OpenVPN client

OpenVPN client provides interceding additional functions such as battery consumption monitoring with the ability to enable low power consumption mode.

Hideman VPN

Hideman VPN is a VPN instrument which allows you to protect your information when browsing Internet content, using 256-bit encryption, and guarantees access to any web page without limitations. Easy interface allows to connect to VPN server with one click. By default, Hidamn VPN connects to one of its free serves (usually in Malaysia), however you can choose one of eight different servers (Ukraine, Singapore, Panama etc.). The program had a free version, which limits the usage of the service to 5 hours a week. You can increase the time only through advertising. Premium-version offers access to dozens of other serves.


CyberGhost interface is available for most people. Regular app shows your approximate location, but you can always change location in the program if needed.

Free version of CyberGhost grants access to 23 servers in 15 countires, including Germany, Poland, Spain, France, Great Britain and Luxemburg. Paid version CyberGhost allows access to almost a dozen other countries and more (300) servers.

Thunder VPN

Thunder VPN is a server that allows you to get new IP-address, located thousands of miles away from your actual location. This app allows you to easily bypass censorship and restrictions imposed by different governments.


This app has three functions:

Maintain your anonymity, protect your security and gives you an opportunity to access Internet with no restrictions. You can use VPN connection with many different servers, in order to avoid platforms trying to trying to locate your IP address, as well as bypass any restrictions.

How to install on iOS

The easiest way to set up VPN on iOS – is to install an app. iOS, just like Android has many different available options. Intuitive interface of the program with help figure everything out. You can also set up a private network with PPTP protocol, you jut need to follow a few simple steps.

In Settings on your gadget fins “VPN”. Add configuration VPN with type “PPTP”. Create a name, enter IP-address of the server and save. You're all set.

Common difficulties when setting up VPN

VPN systems can be difficult to set up. Sometimes users, especially those who are setting up VPN manually, may encounter an error.

If the VPN fails, the program reports an error. Usually in the format of an error message in the form of a code. Errors require a standard Troubleshooting procedure to ensure that everything works smoothly again.

Let's look at some of the errors.

Errors with 6xx code mean that password, name or type of the protocol was entered incorrectly.

If the first digit is 7 (e.g. 7xx), that means network isn't working correctly and setting need to be checked.

8XX – these are errors related to network setup problems or lack of network connection. To solve them, it's better to contact support.

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