Learn The Basics Of Frontend Web Development

Take your design to the browser! In this course, Javier Usobiaga will teach you how to create web pages with the most fundamental tools: HTML and CSS. You will learn to write your code and change the way you see (and design) the web, understanding how it works inside and how to design a responsive website to be more efficient. And if a plan is not your thing, this course can be an excellent basis to start in the world of Web Development Front-end.

What Does This Course Include?

This course starts with zero knowledge of HTML and CSS. It includes necessary HTML tags and CSS typographic properties, layout tools such as Floats or Position, backgrounds, borders, rounded corners, shadows, Web Fonts and critical Responsive Development tools such as Media Queries.

What is the project of the course?

The final project consists of creating a responsive website (the website of a fictitious cafeteria) based on a design provided as a synthesis of the different subjects that we will see throughout the course.

Who Is It For?

To all those people who wish to acquire basic knowledge of HTML and CSS, whether they are designers or not.


For this course, you do not need vast technical knowledge or design. You will need a computer and a free code editor.

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