Tips For Creating Web Pages With Responsive Design

Take note of these tips that you should not forget when creating your web page with responsive design! Let’s see:

Beware of the loading speed

The loading speed of a website is a decisive element; most of the users are not willing to wait a long time in loading items. When it comes to creating a responsive web page it is recommended that the resources to be used be selected very well, remember that less is more.

Avoid using unnecessary elements and join only those who invite action.

Avoid The Effects

The effects on web pages are usually beautiful when accessed through a desktop, but in the case of access through mobile devices or tablets, the opposite occurs. It is essential that at the moment of designing the website, you continuously measure what those effects are that work and are appreciated by your users.

Use Flexible Images

Heavy and static images are things of the past. When it comes to designing an adaptable site it is necessary that you use light photos; that is, they can be loaded on any device.

Avoid defining fixed height and width for the images that you will place on the website so that they can adapt to the different grids.

Fluid Grids

The fluid grids are those that are dimensioned by percentages. When you use this type of networks in the construction of your design, they may automatically adapt to the size of the screen on which they are loaded.

Legibility In Texts

Although the screens of mobile devices are small, the books of your website should always be legible for the user. It is advisable to place the documents in 16px to avoid that the user has to zoom constantly.


Offering an adaptable website to the user has ceased to be an option to become an indispensable requirement. In a world where more and more people are accessing the Internet through their mobile phones, tablets or laptops, offering a responsive website will allow you to be closer to your users, generate more leads and get traffic to your Web page.

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